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You work at a food production facility but haven't eaten all day. Your boss leaves for 2 minutes so you take the opportunity to indulge and eat as much as you can. Production in this facility is not always perfect so be careful for hazards and mishaps!

A gamepad with two analog sticks is recommended for this game! (Seems like it might bug out if your controller is not turned on/connected before the game loads)

Only playable in Firefox with the Unity Web Player installed.


Move Left Hand - Left Analog Stick / WASD

Move Right Hand - Right Analog Stick / Arrow Keys

Grab Left Hand - Left Trigger / Left Bumper / Left Alt / Left Shift / Left Control

Grab Right Hand - Right Trigger / Right Bumper / Right Alt / Right Shift / Right Control

Grab Both Hands - Spacebar

Rate the game on Ludum Dare! LD 34 Entry - Theme: Growing